Harnessing the Power of Karma

Photo by Mykl Roventine

Karma is something that we hear about very often when relating to many eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is a principle that addresses the concept of cause and effect. What we do and think today affects our lives tomorrow. It can be visualized as a series of falling dominos. Each and every thing we do, say, and think causes a ripple that changes everything around us.

Karma is often associated in bad terms. People often say, when bad things happen, that it was Karma. But also all the good things in our lives are also a result of this wonderful principle.

The Law of Attraction is a component of Karma. What we think and feel will materialize into our lives, whether this comes from good or bad thoughts is up to us. This is a very empowering teaching that allows us to fully take the reigns of our destiny and create the life that we want to have for ourselves. If we are stuck in a situation that we do not want, all we must do is change our thoughts to change our lives.

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The Ripple Effect of Prayer

Photo by Dvidshub

Everyday we hear of people who are suffering and in need of help.  It is a natural human response to want to assist others in overcoming whatever difficulty they are facing. Prayer is one of the first things to come to mind, for a spiritually-minded person.  Whether a prayer request is given in a church, or we decide on our own to pray for someone we care about, people believe in the power of prayer to overcome difficult situations.

There is no ailment or condition that is impossible with God. The universal energy that surrounds us and flows through us is easily capable of changing any circumstance, however, the change is determined by the thoughts that we think and the way we feel.  How does this pertain to prayer?  No amount of prayer will help someone, if they are not working on their condition for themselves, from within. Our job is not to change God’s mind, but to allow the spirit of God to flow through us. We are all responsible for every situation in our lives. Any adverse circumstance we have comes from us not allowing the uplifting essence of the universe into our lives.  We block the flow by focusing our energies on the things we don’t want and feeling emotions that don’t uplift our own being. The experiences we have today are a direct result of the thoughts and feelings that we had yesterday. Continue reading