What is Humility?

Photo by River Beach

Humility is one of the basic teachings of most world religions. It is also one that causes most of the confusion and distress.  Some teachings on humility teach that in order to be a humble person before God, you must view yourself in the lowest of terms. This means to constantly remind yourself of all your short comings, because you don’t want to become “haughty.” So, being moral means having a low, unflattering opinion of yourself. This is absolutely not true. Would a loving God want us to have this opinion of ourselves?

Being humble means having the right view of yourself and others. Our egos seem to portray our own inner selves in two different lights. The first is a person who views themselves as superior to everyone else. They tend to be selfish and only do what is right and convenient for them.  The best remedy for this would be to elevate others around you and see their Godhood and divinity.  Don’t put their happiness before your own, but make the goal of them being happy equal to your own. Continue reading