Where to Find Inspiration

Photo by Caitlinator

What is the Law of Attraction?  How does it work to bring wonderful experiences into our lives?

The feelings that we have, which are fueled by our thoughts and beliefs, mainly bring all things that we want to have, be, or do into our lives by the power of inspired action. When we allow our bodies to be bathed in joy, we will have flashes of inspiration from our Source. This Divine revelation will show us the path we must take to achieve all our goals and wishes.

All the people in the world who have ever an “aha moment” tapped into their own divinity to bring about their wishes into the world, whether they realized it or not. This is why it is so important to always focus on what you do want, and not dwell on what you do not have, or what might happen.

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You Have What It Takes!

Photo by: AGeekMom

Contrary to popular opinion, we are 100% responsible for the lives we live. Life doesn’t have to be lived in a way that is filled with constant things that we don’t like or don’t want to do. If we live this life now, it is because we made the decision in the past, without meaning to, that life “has to be this way.”

The first step in turning your entire life around is to really decide what is it you want from life? What brings you joy and happiness?  Most of the time, we come up with several excuses as to why we can’t do the things we love. I’m not good enough. What will people think? That’s career isn’t a guaranteed job. These are the things we tell ourselves.  However, we have access to Divine Mind. The mind of Spirit runs through all things, including us and everyone around us. We are all linked by this God-Mind.

Anytime we give our attention to the things we love and the life we want to live, it combines with the mind of God and also connects with those around us.  Life wants to give you all the things you love. You have to really believe that you can be happy and that you are worthy to live a fulfilled life.

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Harnessing the Power of Karma

Photo by Mykl Roventine

Karma is something that we hear about very often when relating to many eastern religions, including Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is a principle that addresses the concept of cause and effect. What we do and think today affects our lives tomorrow. It can be visualized as a series of falling dominos. Each and every thing we do, say, and think causes a ripple that changes everything around us.

Karma is often associated in bad terms. People often say, when bad things happen, that it was Karma. But also all the good things in our lives are also a result of this wonderful principle.

The Law of Attraction is a component of Karma. What we think and feel will materialize into our lives, whether this comes from good or bad thoughts is up to us. This is a very empowering teaching that allows us to fully take the reigns of our destiny and create the life that we want to have for ourselves. If we are stuck in a situation that we do not want, all we must do is change our thoughts to change our lives.

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What is Humility?

Photo by River Beach

Humility is one of the basic teachings of most world religions. It is also one that causes most of the confusion and distress.  Some teachings on humility teach that in order to be a humble person before God, you must view yourself in the lowest of terms. This means to constantly remind yourself of all your short comings, because you don’t want to become “haughty.” So, being moral means having a low, unflattering opinion of yourself. This is absolutely not true. Would a loving God want us to have this opinion of ourselves?

Being humble means having the right view of yourself and others. Our egos seem to portray our own inner selves in two different lights. The first is a person who views themselves as superior to everyone else. They tend to be selfish and only do what is right and convenient for them.  The best remedy for this would be to elevate others around you and see their Godhood and divinity.  Don’t put their happiness before your own, but make the goal of them being happy equal to your own. Continue reading

What is God?

photo by Ola Wiberg

I think one of the first things I need to do is explain is what I mean when I say “God.”  I am not referring to an old man in the sky with a beard, who judges us for every deed we do, right or wrong.  I believe this is a human construct of what God is. This view of God comes from us making It in our image, rather than understanding we are made in Its image.

God is neither male nor female, It is spirit.  God is the ultimate stream of consciousness that is within all things.  It is love, joy, peace, health, prosperity: everything that is good and positive in our lives. You experience God every time you smile, do good things for others, and receive good things.  You are also experiencing God when others do good, positive things for you.  God is an invisible energy force that is always present.  God is not: judgmental, angry, nor does It care what we do.  It isn’t loving, kind, or joyful; God IS Love, Kindness, and Joy.  When we connect to these traits and express them, we ARE God. We are the method by which God expresses itself into the world; when we connect to It, all things in our lives work. Because by feeling and expressing the traits of God we are connecting to that which is inside all things and draws all good things out. God is the energy that brings our good to us through what we think and feel. This is how we communicate and experience our Source. Continue reading