What is God?

photo by Ola Wiberg

I think one of the first things I need to do is explain is what I mean when I say “God.”  I am not referring to an old man in the sky with a beard, who judges us for every deed we do, right or wrong.  I believe this is a human construct of what God is. This view of God comes from us making It in our image, rather than understanding we are made in Its image.

God is neither male nor female, It is spirit.  God is the ultimate stream of consciousness that is within all things.  It is love, joy, peace, health, prosperity: everything that is good and positive in our lives. You experience God every time you smile, do good things for others, and receive good things.  You are also experiencing God when others do good, positive things for you.  God is an invisible energy force that is always present.  God is not: judgmental, angry, nor does It care what we do.  It isn’t loving, kind, or joyful; God IS Love, Kindness, and Joy.  When we connect to these traits and express them, we ARE God. We are the method by which God expresses itself into the world; when we connect to It, all things in our lives work. Because by feeling and expressing the traits of God we are connecting to that which is inside all things and draws all good things out. God is the energy that brings our good to us through what we think and feel. This is how we communicate and experience our Source. Continue reading