Change is our tool for infinite good!

Photo by Olaf Gradin

For those of us who face negative circumstances in our lives, or even conditions that we LIKE, I think it is very important to remember that nothing in our lives will ever remain the same.  Things are always changing. However, we have the choice on how things will change. If we are happy with the way our lives currently are, then we should expect and plan for things to get even better!  If we are not happy with our lives, then we can have hope that we can turn our lives around.

Things are always growing, improving, and becoming a more true expression of God’s ultimate plan for your life, if you believe and focus on the positive side of live. Those of us who are constantly focusing on the negative “what ifs” and always dwelling on what’s wrong with our lives, are going to continue to live in a loop of repeating negative patterns, and ultimately make the conditions of our lives either worse, or bring about no positive change. Continue reading