A Gay Minister’s View on The Bible

I wanted to write a post that addressed all the “Gay verses” of The Bible.  I feel that too often these passages cause disharmony and hatred.  Most of the anger is directed toward people who are gay and also internalized by gay people and results in deep depression and suicide.

The Bible is a book that is meant to promote harmony and love.  I’ve mentioned in my blog several times where Jesus said, “God is Love.”   This is my litmus test of if a Bible verse is being read correctly. We have to sometimes dig to get the true meanings out of this ancient book.

Regardless of your feelings on The Bible, I ask you to keep an open mind and allow my analysis on each of these verses, if nothing else, to show you that there is another way of looking at these words that have caused so much harm.   

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Why Worry?

“Peace be still.”
Photo by Wonderlane

Anxiety and worry affect a large portion of the population. We are consumed with the things that “could happen” or “might happen.”  When we are filled with these worry-feelings, it freezes us in place. We are so filled with despair that we are unable to think any good thoughts or take any positive action to undo the present circumstances.

Paramahansa Yogananda states that ”every time you worry, you put on a mental brake, and in struggling against that resistance, you place strain on your heart and mind..”

To be worry free, we must let go of the negative fears we have about the future, and also the hurts and regrets of our past. To do this, we must be fully focused our present day.  Dale Carnegie called this living in “Day-Tight Compartments.” To do this, we have to figure out what we can do TODAY to pave a brighter future. Let go of all the terrible “what ifs” that our mind tricks us into believing.

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Where to Find Inspiration

Photo by Caitlinator

What is the Law of Attraction?  How does it work to bring wonderful experiences into our lives?

The feelings that we have, which are fueled by our thoughts and beliefs, mainly bring all things that we want to have, be, or do into our lives by the power of inspired action. When we allow our bodies to be bathed in joy, we will have flashes of inspiration from our Source. This Divine revelation will show us the path we must take to achieve all our goals and wishes.

All the people in the world who have ever an “aha moment” tapped into their own divinity to bring about their wishes into the world, whether they realized it or not. This is why it is so important to always focus on what you do want, and not dwell on what you do not have, or what might happen.

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We Are One!

Photo by Kevin M. Gill

Most world religions emphasize the principle of Oneness. It is discussed by many great masters, and is ultimately the goal of all existence. Our purpose is not to just feel this Oneness occasionally, but to live in a state of constant Oneness with all people, all animals, and all things.

Just like fingers are to a hand, that is our relationship to God. We are all extensions of the great Brahman. Our lives are intertwined with every sentient being on the entire planet.  When one person suffers, we all suffer. When one person feels joy and compassion, it also changes our world. All of the consciousness of the planet flows into and from the great consciousness of God. There is nothing in the universe but God.

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